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What is Natural BioEnergetics?

Learn how to communicate directly with your body’s unique energy system. 

About NBI

Natural BioEnergetics Institute (NBI) is the worldwide home for Natural BioEnergetics training. Our teachers are located around the globe and we all come together in this brand new online community. 

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Start your journey as a professional energy healer here

Natural BioEnergetics Institute (NBI) is the worldwide home for professional Natural BioEnergetics training. We provide training, support, community, tools, and more for those in the Natural BioEnergetics community.

Global Recognition

offered in multiple countries and languages, including English, French and German

8 Semesters

Our signature Natural BioEnergetics Program offers structured learning, with plenty of hands-on practice

Online Community

Our brand new website and online portal provides a safe space to get to know your classmates, get help from your teachers, and engage in conversations

We've trained more than 6,000 BioEnergetic Wellness students in more than 5 countries worldwide!

Structured Learning

for intuitive programs

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Online Community

supporting you

A Career You Will Love

Learning NB tools, techniques and skills will change your life

Our Featured Programs

A structured and progressive journey into health, wellness and energy healing

Stairs indicating the start of a magical journey
The Natural BioEnergetics Program

Our two-part signature program. Start by becoming an NB Specialist and continue on to obtain your Diploma.

Autism Tutoring Program

We offer a unique 12-month program, with ongoing enrollment, called: NB “Self Care” lessons for students with Autism. The learning modules are based on TCM theory and follow the seasons and elements. 

Why Study NB?

The Essence of What We Teach

Our bodies have an innate ability to sustain health and balance. The answers are within. 

Natural BioEnergetics™ is an original brand of bioenergetic balancing methods that helps eliminate stress and make significant life changes possible. In Natural Bioenergetics™, the combination of well-structured verbal questioning and muscle-monitoring is used to gather genuine bio-energy information from a person’s body and energy system.

It’s easy to learn

Although Natural BioEnergetics™ (NB) is a very profound therapy which creates lasting positive changes for clients, it is very easy to learn. You don’t need any previous knowledge. All the theory and the energy awareness is taught to you during the courses. 

Obtain Recognized Professional Training

The Natural BioEnergetics Institute (NBI) training program provides advanced professional training in BioEnergetics Wellness. It is recognized by the Canadian Association of Bioenergetic Wellness (CanBeWell) as well as Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), and the Kinesiology Federation in the UK.

Practice Professionally

The professional-track Natural BioEnergetics Program teaches you all the skills you need to become a licensed and insured NB Specialist. Diploma program graduates can apply for the designation Natural Health Practitioner. In some countries, it’s called Specialized Kinesiology.

What Our Students Say

Our School is unique, our classes are fun and our community is vibrant

When I took the NB1 course, I was excited, but had some concerns about learning something "new" and possibly "difficult". I had some issues in school when I would get to something I just couldn't "get", and was hoping I wouldn't hit that wall during the course. Well, I did hit that wall, but to my surprise, Linda helped me over it (more than once) and I felt so very empowered! The victory I gained in that alone would have made it worthwhile, but there's more besides! I get to benefit myself and others with the skills I learned, and that's exciting too! Looking forward to the next level!
Alma Sawatsky
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FAQs !

Have Questions?

Our teachers. Every one of our instructors brings her own style and personality to her classes. We all want you to succeed in NB and are here to help. Every single teacher also works professionally and has real life experiences and guidance to share with you. Meet our teachers here.

Our students. Although you may be transitioning into natural bioenergetics from a related health and wellness field, this isn’t required. NB is a wonderful discipline for beginners looking for a most satisfying and rewarding career.

Our global presence and online community. We offer our classes and programs in multiple countries and languages. We are continually expanding our reach and growing our community. 

Our main NB program is currently offered in: 

  • Canada / USA in English
  • Germany in German
  • UK in English
  • Belgium, France and Quebec in French

If you have a different requirement, be sure to contact us

You’re in luck! In addition to our professional track program, we offer a Personal Development option where you are able to take standalone classes. NBI is a great place for self-development and continuing education. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. 

In addition to our accredited NB Program We have one unique program, with ongoing enrollment:

  1. Autism Tutoring Program: 1:1 sessions and a 12-month group program offered to children, teenagers and adults
Have questions?
Enrollment Hotline:

+1 (587) 747-3795

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