NB Careers

NB Careers

Become a Natural BioEnergetics™​ Professional

Train for a Career in Natural BioEnergetics™

If you enjoy working with people and are interested in natural well-being, training to become a NB Professional could open the door to a really worthwhile future for you.


Exciting & Flexible Career Options

Obtaining a professional designation in the field of Natural BioEnergetics™ opens the door to many exciting and flexible career options for you. Once you obtain your licensing and complete your professionalization, you might consider running your own practice from home or joining together with professionals offering related services to be able to add value to your patients. Imagine being able to choose your work hours so that you can enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle! 

The best part about working in Natural BioEnergetics™ is discovering just how much you are able to help your clients. It feels really good to make a substantial difference and improvement in people’s lives. The more you work as an NB professional, the more confident and comfortable you’ll become. Using your NB skills everyday also improves your own well being and that of your families – even during beginner classes and training. 

More and more advanced classes are being developed and becoming available, so you’ll have lots of options for continuing your growth, development and training in the years to come. Think of all the creative possibilities you’ll have with your work, career and network. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up teaching at NBI in the future! 

Natural BioEnergetics™ is in a relatively new, up-and-coming industry (in the Western world anyway). Now’s your chance to get in early and be on the leading edge! 

We very much welcome new trainees to the profession.

The programs and courses that we offer here at the Natural BioEnergetics Intitute (NBI) are fun, insightful and rewarding. We very much welcome new trainees to the profession. Our online community ensures you stay engaged, supported and connected during the entire process of learning and beyond. 

If you enjoy working with people and are interested in natural well-being, training to become a NB Professional could open the door to a really worthwhile future for you.

Types of NB Programs & Classes

The Specialist / Diploma Program

The Natural Bioenergetics™ Program leads to a professional qualification, licensing and professionalization. Although the training requirements and designations may be different depending on the country you live in, we are a globally-recognized school striving to meet the needs of multiple countries worldwide. Currently, we offer this program in English to Canada, the US and UK, in German to Germany, and in French to France, Belgium and Quebec. 

Self Development Classes*

Are you looking for specific classes to complement your own set of education, training and experience? We offer many of our classes as part of our Self Development Program enabling you to select courses based on your own interest. Find out more about our Personal Development Program here

*Note: This option does not allow you to call yourself a NB Professional and/or charge for your sessions.

Types of Students

Natural Bioenergetics™ training attracts a wide variety of students. This may be right for you if: 

Some people begin studying NB simply with the aim of working on family and friends, but find themselves so drawn to the work that they decide to become fully qualified Natural Bioenergetics™ practitioners. Graduates of the program may choose to leave their previous occupation to work in Natural Bioenergetics™.

The learning program is flexible to suit adult learners, which means you can take the program while working or care giving. Before you commit, however, spend some time ensuring you’ll have enough time to attend the classes, complete the lessons, study, and do the homework. 

Become a Natural BioEnergetics Professional!

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