What is NB?

What is Natural BioEnergetics?

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Introduction to Natural BioEnergetics™

Did you know that our bodies have an innate ability to sustain health and balance? Sometimes our bodies just need a little help to activate these natural abilities and that’s where Natural BioEnergetics™ Professionals come in. NB Professionals are trained to help our bodies heal themselves – we balance your whole energy system and, in doing so, facilitate a self-healing process.

Natural BioEnergetics™ Professionals use gentle muscle testing, combined with verbal questioning, to communicate directly with your body’s unique energy system. This technique involves applying light pressure to a muscle (commonly your arm) and monitoring how it responds.

  • If the muscles holds steady, the system is responding with a ‘yes’.
  • If the muscle is spongy, the answer to the muscle response question is ‘no’.

In this way, the NB Professional is able to communicate directly with your innate self. Your body is able to respond quickly and accurately to the practitioner’s procedures. 

This can be much more helpful to both the practitioner and patient than having to “guess” and “figure it out”, order elaborate medical testing, or just wait to see if the problem goes away on its own.  

Natural BioEnergetics™ Main Features

Many factors can upset the flow of energy around our systems and put it out of balance, including the following:

  • Environmental toxins, allergens, microorganisms, electromagnetic fields and other frequencies
  • Psychological stresses like worries, fears or limiting assumptions we may have about ourselves

All of these factors may block the flow of information around our bodies and cause the affected parts to forget how to grow and work correctly.

Using the techniques in NB, the NB Professional is able to identify the factors causing the blockages.

Our bodies are doing their best to communicate with us… 

  • that twinge of pain
  • the pang of indigestion
  • the headache
  • the backache
  • the depression
  • the general feeling of being out of sorts

All of these are signals from the body that we need to make positive changes in our lives.

The NB Professional works directly with the client to listen carefully to the symptoms and address the real root issues. 

The NB Professional uses gentle muscle monitoring to open a channel of communication with your body to assess the situation.

Using the Natural Bioenergetics’ uniquely designed system of protocols, the body can select corrections, which will re-balance and restore correct structure and function. 

The body then responds to the renewed flow of enlivening information and repairs itself.

Natural Bioenergetics’ balancing methods include the use of magnets, flower essences, aromatherapy oils, self-touch, and body positions, and acupoints. These are used to take the power out of thoughts and memories around the traumas and beliefs at the heart of the client’s mental, emotional and physical stresses.

The way Natural Bioenergetics triggers repair is based in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which asserts that our well being is dependent on the balanced flow of energy around our systems. By re-balancing the energy, the energy then provides improved information to the body about how to structure itself and function, which triggers self-healing.

What happens in a NB session?

Here is an example of how a NB session could be conducted:

Natural Bioenergetics sessions are both deeply healing and deeply relaxing. Each session lasts for about an hour and you lie down on a therapy couch fully clothed. If lying down is physically uncomfortable, you can sit up for the session.

As you read this, your body is hard at work, breathing, excreting toxins, balancing hormones, assimilating nutrients and performing countless other vital functions to keep you in balance and health. Sometimes that healthy balance is disturbed, for example, by physical trauma, surgery, stress, toxins, electronic fields, shock, allergens, emotional or psychological stress, negative thinking or even just long term unhappiness. Using muscle monitoring, your NB Professional accesses your body’s unique inner wisdom to find out exactly what you need to regain and maintain balance and feel truly healthy, both inside and out.

You may only need a single appointment, but more generally people need a series of appointments. Some clients recognise that Natural Bioenegetis can be used in a preventive manner rather than just dealing with problems when they arise. These clients will continue to have kinesiology sessions in order to maintain their health and wellbeing.

As part of a Natural Bioenergetics™ session, your system may define essential lifestyle changes for itself as part of its recovery program, including things like:

  • changing your diet or adding nutritional supplements
  • using flower or homeopathic remedies
  • initiating exercising programs
  • making time for self care, relaxing and fun

No two sessions are ever alike, even for people with apparently identical symptoms.

Most people find Natural Bioenergetics™ session very relaxing. Some people feel pleasantly lighter and more ‘clear’ afterwards. Some people may experience temporary feelings of tiredness and sleepiness, or other slight symptoms. This is because sessions are powerful and deep-reaching and can bring about major energy changes. This is actually a good sign indicating that a healing process has already begun.

It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water following a session and rest or sleep if you need to.

Some clients recognise that Natural BioEnergetics can be used in a preventive manner rather than just dealing with problems when they arise.

Who benefits?

Everyone can benefit from Natural Bioenergetics: babies, the elderly, athletes, performers, the fit, the injured, the unwell, pets…

Life can be challenging and it is not always easy to change the things you want to change—whether that is your health, your job, your relationship or all of these and more. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start and how to keep ourselves motivated. 

When our bodies start to exhibit physical symptoms, they are trying to tell us something important – although this can be difficult to interpret all by ourselves. NB Professionals are able to find out why your physical, emotional, chemical and nutritional systems has fallen out of balance and how to go about changing them for the better. This can be especially helpful for those who are unable to communicate for themselves, like babies, pets, etc.

In a world where we are bombarded by information from other people, Natural Bioenergetics lets you get information from you. 

You might be surprised at how accurate NB can be.

In a world where we are bombarded by information from other people, Natural BioEnergetics lets you get information from you.

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What is Natural BioEnergetics?

Natural Bioenergetics can help to:

Illness does not arrive suddenly, although it may seem to do so. It is usually the result of a build-up of stress–physical, mental or emotional—leading to imbalances in the body/mind system, which ultimately leads to physical symptoms.

Our body has an innate ability to heal itself and does this quite naturally on a daily basis. Sometimes our system needs a bit of help, either medical or complementary, or often, a combination of both. Natural BioEnergetics assists in balancing all aspects of ourselves, which returns the body to an optimum state for self-healing.

The healing effects can continue for days, weeks and even months following a Natural BioEnergetics session. The effects of sessions are cumulative. It is possible to see a benefit from the first session, or you may take longer for the cumulative effect to be clearly noticeable to you. How long improvement takes will depend on the individual and their ability to re-balance and heal. Each client responds as well as their body and energy system is able. 

Generally the rate of improvement depends on how long you have had the concern, how deeply rooted it is, your ability/willingness to make and sustain suggested life-style changes, and how good your energy levels are.

Only your body can heal itself. Regardless of where you get help and support from for healing and finding emotional, mental and physical balance, it is just that—help. You have the ultimate responsibility for your own health. 

There is a difference between being healthy and not feeling ill. If you strive to be healthy, you will most likely benefit from taking action outside the medical sphere.

You have the ultimate responsibility for your own health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine you could ask your body what you needed to enjoy vibrant well-being, and actually have your body answer back. Natural Bioenergetics enables this body talk.

It is a complementary healthcare practice that promotes healing and well-being by combining gentle muscle monitoring with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Both Natural Bioenergetics and TCM are based on the understanding that our well being is dependent on the balanced flow of energy around our systems. Energy instructs the physical body about how to grow and work in every detail. Too little or too great a flow of energy causes problems to arise. 

Natural Bioenergetics is a very gentle, non-invasive system of holistic therapy and is suitable for all ages from newborn babies to the elderly. It accesses your body’s unique inner wisdom to find out exactly what you need to help you restore balance in your energy system, both inside and out.

As with other complementary treatments, like acupuncture, the imbalances that have led to any and all problems in your energy system can be pinpointed and addressed using muscle testing and applying the appropriate Natural Bioenergetics corrections. This allows your body, mind and spirit to bring itself back into optimum wellbeing.

Gentle muscle testing allows the practitioner to have a conversation with your whole system, via yes/no questioning, to highlight and then rebalance the stresses and traumas that have led to you feeling unwell. The Natural Bioenergetics corrections undo blocks in the energy flows along meridians and throughout your system. Like acupuncture, Natural Bioenergetics is based on the premise that the physical body is the mirror of all the imbalances within the person. Once these imbalances are dealt with, the physical body mirrors the improved energy flows by showing greater wellbeing.

Muscle monitoring is a technique used by many bioenergetic disciplines. It is different from traditional muscle testing. In traditional testing any skeletal muscle can be tested through its range of movement. To test a muscle, the body part (arm, leg, head or torso) is positioned at the start of its range of movement. The test identifies strength and range of motion. 

Natural Bioenergetics adapts the approach used by other bioenergetic wellness approaches. The NB Professional selects one small muscle, usually the brachioradialis in the lower arm, which becomes a yes/no answering device for the client’s whole system. The client is instructed to hold steady with a minimum of effort, and the Professional puts about two pounds of pressure on the arm, leg, etc. If the arm, leg, etc. stays in position, there is no problem with the tested muscle. If it unlocks and allows movement, this indicates a stress or negative neuropsychological response.

In this way she makes certain the whole meridian system is in balance at the start of a session. In the main work of the session, the NB Professional offers a large system of corrections, and via the locking and unlocking of this lower arm muscle, the client’s system is assessed in order to select the most helpful corrections and to direct the whole session.

Many factors can stress the client’s system and put it out of balance—environmental toxins, allergens, micro-organisms, electromagnetic fields and other frequencies, and psychological stresses like worries, fear or limiting assumptions we may have about ourselves. Depending on the type of stressor identified with muscle testing, a physical sample may be placed on the client or the client is asked to think about an aspect of a worry, fear or difficult experience. The client’s tested muscle will unlock with the stressor in place, and then acupressure points are held with the finger tips to relieve the imbalance in the client associated with that stressor. In a typical NB session between 6 and 10 stressors are rebalanced.

Your future awaits!