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The Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope launched – Amazon #1 Best Seller and Hot New Release -grab your link below

Do you or someone you know have a debilitating health condition that keeps you sidelined with pain and stress, preventing you from enjoying your life and achieving your goals? This book shares the real-life stories of people whose health, well-being, and personal and work relationships were in dire condition, and they transformed their lives by using Natural Bioenergetics™

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Master Class Series

Master Class Series NBI is proud to announce an occasional series of classes for advanced specialists. Ongoing professional development is key to building a solid

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Monthly Mentor Meetings

Calling all certified NBers and those preparing to certify. As we developed the new curriculum, one of the weakness we wanted to address in the

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[LIVE SESSION REPLAY] People Pleasing can be changed

People Pleasing can be changed! Say NO to everyone who wants something from you with Linda Easthouse.
Join Linda explaining why you do it and how you can change it. Recovering from people-pleasing is really learning to say ‘no’…Or even better, how to say ‘yes’ to yourselves.

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