10 Ways to help yourself attain and keep your inner calm

People that achieve inner peace are easily able to calm their minds and see their life experiences more clearly. This leads to an increased level of happiness and contentment.

Achieving inner peace certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be passive and just let things or happen or not react to challenging experiences. It is the opposite. It is being able to see and process what is going on and then respond appropriately rather than being tossed around by emotions and uncontrollable reactions. You can detach from the trauma and drama and choose what and how you want to engage with the chaos that surrounds you.

For most people, their mind is like a cluttered room. The junk in your mind consists of your fears, negative thoughts, and continuous thinking about particular topics. It keeps you in a state of stress and tension and you find yourself consistently switching from one stressful thought to another.

It is time to do something about it.

10 Ways to help yourself attain and keep your inner calm:

  1. Spend a few minutes everyday noticing what is right and good in your life and be grateful for that, however small.

  2. Pay attention to your food and water intake. Eat for fuel and do an activity for comfort.
  1. Walk at least 30 minutes a day or an equivalent yoga or stretching exercise.
  1. Plant a garden, even if it is just a few herbs in your window. The connection to nature and the nurture of a plant helps to regulate the nervous system. Spend time in nature as often as you can.
  1. Get enough sleeping and enough sunlight.
  1. Limit how much time is spent on devices, social media, or tv.
  1. Learn to cook low-carb meals and snacks rather than using packages and junk food. Let food be your medicine.
  1. Daily spend 10 minutes telling yourself and creating the feeling (really emotionally believing)“I can thrive in this environment and can change or move when it benefits me.”
  1. Let go of the fear, and trust the universe and/or God to bring you what you need.

  2. Reach out for help when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. A session can do wonders for getting you back on track.

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