My Big Why

A Poem by Sharon Mathews

A Natural Bioenergetics Adv Specialist

My Big Why

You ask me why…………..?


Why? Because I believe no-one should be told this is your life get used to it,

as pain roars and life overwhelms

I believe no-one should be written off as a lost cause

I believe no-one should be robbed of all hope

because a life without hope is like death

I believe there is a way

I believe in the incredible human spirit and the seemly impossible made possible

I believe each of us has a resilience, wisdom and strength that can be nurtured and grown

When you ask me “why”

I say “why not!”

Why not live a life of abundance and vitality

Why not have a body that heals itself

Why not replace the deepest sources of pain in our lives

and let them be replace by love, hope and joy

Why not live life to its fullest

Why not live each of our allotted days in such a way it changes peoples’ tomorrows

When you ask me “why”

I shout “why not!”

Why a poem by Sharon Mathews

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