Energy System Wake Up Routine

Instead of a cup of coffee, try this.

Energy System Wake Up

This is a quick easy way to get your energy running at the beginning of the day or when you feel droopy during the day. Instead of a cup of coffee, try this.

Join Linda in her winter wake up exercises!

Part 1: Wake up the energy system

Touch each spot lightly- no pressure needed- and hold while taking 3 slow deep breaths. If you are really tired and dragging, hold and breath until you feel a sigh, or yawn, or just feel like something shifted.

The numbers are based on the Chinese elements so we start with zero.

0. Above and below the lips

1. Touch both sides of the outer eyes with one hand and place the other arm across the rib cage just under the breasts.

2. Touch both sides of the nose just above the tear ducts, and just underneath the collarbone on both sides of the sternum about 6 cm apart.

3. Put your thumbs in the hollow made by pulling the shoulders forward, now point the index fingers upward and bow the head down to touch the index fingers just beside the base of the nose.

4. Hold under the middle of the eyeballs on the top of the bone with one hand. Place the other at the ‘bra line” under the arm pit (half way between elbow tip when bent and armpit on the side of the torso). Bending the fingers and using the back of the fingers to touch is fine.

5. Take the thumbs and touch the side of the middle finger nails on both sides, and use the index fingers to touch the ends of the eyebrows.

6. Take the thumbs and cover the nail base of the little (pinky) fingers and use the index finger to tough where the upper part of the ear joins the face.

Part 2: Wake up your physical system

Cross Crawl:

Stand or if needed sit and march in place slowly. As you raise the right leg, reach across and touch it with the left hand, as you raise the left leg reach across and touch it with the right hand. Repeat for 18 steps or until it feels smooth.

Part 3: Wake up your brain

Brain Yoga:

Stand. Take your left hand and hold your right ear lobe with the thumb on the front of the lobe. While holding it, also take your right hand and hold your left earlobe with the thumb to the front. Tug downwards, gently but firmly on both ear lobes while you slowly do 5-10 knee squats. Keep your back straight and head up and bend your knees as deeply as you feel comfortable. Breath in as you go down and breath out as you come up.

Part 4: Carpe diem!

Seize the day. Go have a good one.

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