How To Identify Your Stress Triggers

Something or someone will always trigger your stress. Stress does not just happen to you. You must identify what is triggering your stress so that you can take the most appropriate action. When you are aware of your stress triggers you can avoid these as much as possible.

Avoidance is not always possible so Natural Bioenergetics can help you turn off the stress response by addressing the previous experiences and traumas that are reactivated by the current environment. Once the previous patterns are resolved then the new experience doesn’t bring up the old flags. Which of these are stresses you need to address?

Frustration can cause Stress

We all get frustrated at times and this can result in elevated stress levels. If you are always feeling that you are not moving forward with your life then your frustration levels are going to increase. Other people will often promise to do something and then not deliver on this which can be a cause of much frustration for you.

Your own personality traits can cause you to become frustrated. Maybe you want to achieve something but keep sabotaging yourself. Think about what causes you to get frustrated as it is likely that this will trigger your stress.

Your Workplace can Trigger Stress

It is common for people that suffer from stress to experience a lot of triggers at their place of work or business. Experiencing some stress at work is normal. But if there are triggers that cause your stress to elevate then you must identify what these are.

Being a business owner can be very stressful and jobs are becoming more demanding. Deadlines need to be met and many tasks completed and all of this can overwhelm you. Take the time out to make a note of any work or business stress triggers.

A lack of Money can Trigger your Stress

Not having enough money is a common stress trigger. People tend to worry about their financial situation more than anything else. Most people are not in control of their money so are constantly surprised when it runs out.

Life is full of surprises and you are going to experience unexpected problems that require money to fix them. Problems with your health, your car, or your home are all examples of this. Make a conscious effort to identify stress triggers related to money.

Relationship Problems Can Trigger your Stress

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship then this can trigger your stress. Relationships are complex and many things can go wrong.

Feeling that your partner is not being true to you is a common stress trigger. There is a lot of emotion invested in relationships which is why any problems can trigger stress.

Negative people can Trigger your Stress

We all have negative people in our circle of family and friends. These people like to burden others with their problems. If you are around these people then they can trigger your stress. It is not possible for you to completely avoid negative people but work to minimize your contact with them. Make a note of anything that these people say or do to trigger your stress.

Continuous Bad news can Trigger your Stress

Bad news is everywhere these days and it is now easier to find it than it ever was before. The Internet and smartphones have ensured that a lot of bad news is easily accessible to you whenever you want it.

A new term called “doomscrolling” has emerged where people are constantly looking for more and more bad news. They are regular visitors to news sites and social media platforms to find the latest bad news. If you are doing this then it is likely to trigger your stress.

Find a Natural Bioenergetics specialist and begin to address the stress. Or, take the Foundations course and learn to help yourself too.

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