Master Class Series

Master Class Series

NBI is proud to announce an occasional series of classes for advanced specialists. Ongoing professional development is key to building a solid practice. We are pleased to begin a series of 1 or 2 day classes focusing on the content and information that gives clarity of concept and builds our understanding of our work. We can’t ask a question or gain information from the body if we don’t know what question to ask. These Master Classes will focus on topics of interest and delve into the science, physiology, and anatomy of a particular topic. We are asking Specialty experts to share their knowledge with us. 

Each class will contain theory as well as practical ways to integrate it into your sessions when it is needed, and a time to practice with it so that you feel confident addessing that topic in your sessions because you will have clear, consise questions and analysis to work from. 

Announcing Methylation Ppathways and MTHFR

Dr Thibaud d’Oultremont, NBG Director of Research, will present our first workshop. He will  focus on what to do with clients who have been diagnosed with MTHFR and show up looking for help. 

Dr Thibaud explained,  “Most of my clients, at some point, have had issues with methylation. The Methylation cycle as you might know, is linked with the Folate pathway, the Biopterin, Methionine and Transsulfuration pathways.  When you know those pathways well enough, testing what goes wrong (including the cofactors of enzymes involved) is not too difficult. Changing the outcome can and fast. Because you can be very specific in your testing, the body recognizes quickly the issue and is generally able to manage the problem quickly and precisely – unless there is a genetic issue (snip tests can be done cheaply nowadays) and appropriate supplements generally help.”

This 2-day class will be presented in early June. Watch for the announcement of the details coming soon. 

Who is eligible to attend a Master Class?

Master Classes are designed for certified and licensed Specialists/practitioners. To be eligible to attend you must have completed NB 6 (NB 5 + KF Foundations in the UK), have passed your assessment and have your certification and licensing complete. Only licensed Specialists will be allowed to participate in the future. 

However since the licensing is still rolling out, we will open the Masterclass to all those who have complete 1-6 and have done the assessment (old exam) and have an expired certificate from the old NB/HK office or have achieved Associate level in the UK. 

For the US where certification was not followed students who have completed NB/HK 9 or higher and have done the updates for NB 1-6 under the new program will be allowed to participate while you are working on your licensing requirements. 

What's the next topic?

We hope to offer these twice a year. What topic do you want to learn more about? Who do you know who is an subject expert that could share? These are designed to be responsive to your needs so let us know what you would like to learn. I am thinking about one on the 5 Elements of TCM or an introduction to the KO cycle, I would love one personally on  Microglial function in brain health. What interests you and shows up in your practice?

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