Monthly Mentor Meetings

Calling all certified NBers and those preparing to certify.

As we developed the new curriculum, one of the weakness we wanted to address in the traditional training was that they was little help or way for students to get questions addressed between classes.  

In Canada we began doing mentor classes once a month between each course to ensure that students had some encouragement, could learn from each other, and get mistakes or misunderstandings addressed sooner than later. The meetings began as once a month for 90 minutes, each month between classes, so there were usually 3 mentor meetings per course. The students reported that these were very helpful. It also signifcantly lowered student dropout between classes. 

Then we began an Advanced Mentor meeting for all those who were finished their training and had begun practicing as it became clear that just launching off without any support was very difficult. Also students who had completed training had no community or place to meet with their fellow specialists/practiitoners for encouragement, to get ideas on growing their practice and generally be part of a community of NBers. 

That was then opened to all students in North America. who had completed 7 or higher. It has proved to be very helpful. 

We are now transitioning that to the wider community. In each area, at least one of the local instructors will be holding a monthly mentor group.  This is not the same as the old “practice days” that were held in the UK and other places. This is not the same as the UK’s new online practice group. These are also wonderful initiatives but serve a different purpose. 

Why are we introducing mentor meetings?

These have evolved over time. We recently had a group discussion on what you as students want out of a Mentor Meeting and what we as Admins see as key in these meetings. Thanks to all who participated and provided input on improving our mentor meetings.. 

Some key points

Both Natural Bioenergetics Institute (NBI) and Natural Bioenergetics Global (NBG) support this initiative. We have founded all we do on several key principles that were shaped by the problems and difficulties we inherited from Jimmy when he gifted the program to NBG and its currciulum development to NBI.

The Primary Principles to counteract those problems are:

1) All interactions are to be healing interactions. How we treat each other, the decisions made, and the actions taken must be healing in nature. Even the tough ones. 

2) We will flatten the heirarchy as much as possible and decisions will be addressed by groups so there are few matters (except a few legal ones) where anyone can pull the “chief” card.  We work together with all stakeholders to come to a decision we can all be happy with. 

3) NB is an open energetic platform with a well defined and protected morphic field. That means that there is no one person who has all the rights to create or develop new corrections or to bring new information into the program. Yes, we have a process to explore and double check the energies and information. We are careful to give credit where credit is due. But we welcome the new discoveries and the new information coming into the field energetically and scientifically. It must continue to grow, develop, and meet the future with open arms. 

4) NB is a community. It is not just a school where once you finish training then you are on your own. We need to know each and support each other. NB will become a force to be reckeoned with when we all participate and work together.


What is a mentor meeting and why should I join?

1. In the Advanced mentor meetings, this is an equal ground meeting–no hierarchy. We all share as specialists regardless of our level or role. Usually an Instructor will be the Host and organize the zoom. These run from inside mentor groups on the student portal of the website. 

2) Everyone one who has completed the class protion of NB 6 and up is welcome. In the UK NB5 plus the KF course will be accepted. This is a great way to learn from more experienced practitioners and get work done on yourself around business building, being seen, confidence and more.

3) Leadership will rotate and each one is expected to take a turn when you are ready. Those just completing 6 and not yet certified will not be expected to lead a meeting unless they want to. The host and the weekly group lead will usually be different. Who is leading the meeting is not necessarily who is hosting the zoom. 

4) The standard meeting will consist of:

    –Each one sharing something you have been working on or a session etc. Come prepared to share! It can be something you were excited to do with a client or on yourself. It can be a difficult session that left you with questions. It can be something you tried. We often learn the most from our difficult ones. 

    –Questions on anything you want to talk about. Something from a reading, from something that happened in a session, around a client, about a protocol, etc.

    –Some group corrections for ourselves. The group lead will do some corrections for the group around whatever you want to do. 

    –The mentor meetings will NOT be routinely recorded. It is the personal interaction, community building, and discussion that is valuable. Please show up!  

5. Meetings may have a theme if the day’s leader chooses to do so. The group lead for that meeting may put a theme/topic out in advance so you can come prepared to talk about that topic. Otherwise, the sharing of sessions usually brings up plenty to talk about. 

6. There is already a Mentor Meeting for advanced students in North America. It is called North of 49 in the  Groups. (yes, we need to change that now that is isn’t just Canada 🙂 ) As regional groups form in the UK, eastern US, and more, the host will be given a group so you can have access to your regional information.  The dates and who is leading will be posted in its own discussion thread inside your group so you can check it regularly.

Please invite other Specialists and practitioners to join the mentor meetings and please put it on your calendar once it is organized. For the current North American group it is always the LAST WED of every month except July and Dec. Join the North of 49 group to get the details. 

Mentor Meetings for other levels (NB 1-3 and 4-6) will continue. Currently teachers run their own mentor meetings per class but we want to regionalize those so that more community is built and each can learn from the others. There will be one group for each region rather than mulitiple mini groups per teacher. 

Embrace the change, participate and get the support that will make a difference in your growth as a professional and in building your business.  


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