Stop Negative Thinking

As we all know, it is hard to stop negative thoughts from entering our minds. It can be difficult to get rid of them especially when they are related to someone else or your own past.

However, by taking the time and really thinking about what you’re thinking, you can find a way of overcoming the negativity. Here are some tips on how to stop negative thoughts:

• Be mindful and acknowledge that there is a thought in your head

• Focus on the moment and what’s happening around you

• Notice where the tension is settling in your body. Breath and do the

Thymus Tap

Negative Thoughts are Persistent

All negative, obsessive, and unreasonable thoughts are known for their persistence. They often occur as intrusive thoughts or thoughts that we don’t want to imagine. If we consider thoughts to influence our feelings, these thoughts lower our mood and disrupt our concentration, motivation, and control. These thoughts can seem uncontrollable because the more a person struggles with them, the more persistent they become. They are so persistent for two reasons.

1. The first reason is the connection of thoughts with negative feelings, such as fear, anger, despair, guilt, and other negative emotions.

If you did not experience negative feelings, these thoughts would pass quickly, and you would not pay much attention to them. But since negative emotions come after having those thoughts, they can cause a downward spiral into more negative thoughts.

2. Another reason is attention.

Due to the persistence and discomfort of these thoughts, we pay attention to them. While paying attention, we occupy ourselves with analysis, which means that we delve into them and thus feed them even more.

Paying attention to these thoughts gives them strength and power. Without paying conscious attention, these thoughts lose momentum, decreasing and eventually fading away.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts

When it arises, imagine that it has some form/color/weight. Imagine it is in front of you. All that matters is that you materialize that thought. While observing, allow yourself to feel the emotion. Is it fear? Feel it without resistance. Do not try to analyze or understand. Be present at the moment and observe your body and mind. While observing the thought as a form, ask it questions.

• What is it trying to tell you?

• What does it want?

• How it is trying to help you?

• What does it need to resolve the main issue?

Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. Give the thought a voice. If the fear is gone, that is where the process ends. If it is not gone, apply all the steps one more time until it is gone.

Act as a superhero and tell the thought that you are in control. It is not allowed in your space or your mind. Then use your superpowers to remove the thought.

Break the Chain of Negative Thoughts

You can always try to break the chain of negative thoughts. How to do it? Do not resist them. Become aware of them and let them go. Do not analyze them or try to fight. Do not try to stop them. The only thing you should do is not paying attention. Do not delve into them, and they will start to fade and eventually disappear.

An easy way to do this is to imagine you are looking at clouds floating across the sky. Let the thoughts attach to the clouds. Watch as the clouds and thoughts go by, but do not interact with them. Just watch them float by as you would watching clouds.

Do the Thymus tap and Breathing to break the physical connection to the thought

Watch the video for the details and demo.

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