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Wed Oct 13th was Launch Day  – TODAY ON AMAZON

The Gift of Hope: Top Experts Share How Real People Changed Their Lives is NOW AVAILABLE as a paperback and as a Kindle eBook on Amazon! If you have already bought your copy, thank you with sincere gratitude! As soon as you have read it please head back to Kindle or Amazon and write us a review. We appreciate your thoughts and *****. It helps keep the book at the top where others will see it. Natural Bioenergetics has been a best kept secret for far to long. It’s time the world knows there is HOPE.

It’s not to late. Get your copy using the link below.

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Do you or someone you know have a debilitating health condition that keeps you sidelined with pain and stress, preventing you from enjoying your life and achieving your goals? Do you want to transform your life? This book shares the real-life stories of people with a wide range of ages and backgrounds whose health, well-being, and personal and work relationships were in dire condition. They transformed their lives by using Natural Bioenergetics™ (formerly known as Health Kinesiology).

NB is a gentle, holistic therapy that addresses physical trauma and incorporates emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Our bodies have an innate ability to sustain themselves; but pain, stress, and other conditions can cause an imbalance. As you will read in these stories, NB uses “muscle monitoring” to access information from a person’s subconscious mind so the NB practitioner understands how to rebalance the person’s health and well-being.
You will start feeling hopeful about your own health or that of a loved one as you read what can be achieved through NB and see areas where it could help improve your well-being. The book includes a primer, explaining the tools and techniques used in NB and what people can expect from the sessions.

EXCERPT from The Gift of Hope:

“Veronica had significant emotional and physical problems caused by her traumatic childhood and a very difficult, abusive marriage. She experienced horrendous traumas and pretty much lost touch with herself. This is the story of how Natural Bioenergetics (NB) techniques helped her reset her life and achieve freedom and happiness.

“NB helped me to become me again!” (Veronica)

“I have been a Natural Bioenergetics Specialist in private practice, seeing clients full time since 2005. I am now the director of the Natural Bioenergetics Institute and lead for the curriculum development team.

“This case study with Veronica illustrates the life-changing success she experienced through the deep and profound nature of this work. 

“Even after fifteen years, it still amazes me that what seems—from the outside—to be simple thoughts and small home routines can trigger fundamental changes in a life. The process of communicating with the whole person through the use of muscle monitoring and listening to what the body  says gives voice to the deep, subconscious desires and needs of the person. This allows people to unwind the damage they suffered, layer after layer, until they become themselves, whole and free.”

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