Three Ways To Kick Start The Fall Season.

1. Engage In Acts Of Kindness

A surefire ritual to heal and nurture yourself is to participate in acts of kindness. Opportunities to spread kindness to others are everywhere – if you’re ever feeling like you need a personal boost to feel a little better and replenish yourself, find a way to do something nice for someone else.

Surprise your partner with a treat, tell your friend how amazing you think they are, or get involved with a local community group. Whether your act of kindness is large or small, committing to doing something kind for the sake of another person’s well-being will have the magical effect of boosting yours as well!

2. Help Others

Any time you extend a helping hand to someone else, you’re nurturing and healing yourself. Similar to participating in acts of kindness, reaching out to help others is a great way to soothe your own weary, tired soul.

You can help others in tons of ways, large and small. For example, you can help a friend finish a project, help your coworker complete a big task, or help a local community group by volunteering your time or services. Participating in an activity where you’re able to help things progress forward positively for another person is extremely rewarding and will give your spirit an instant boost. Just be careful not to over help and take the responsibility and results away from who you are helping. It can be a fine line between helping and taking over. Help in a way that they receive it as help.

3. Healing Emotional Issues

Unfortunately for many, one of the easiest ways to deal with big, difficult emotions is to repress or ignore them. Even if you can hide your emotions and pretend that they aren’t there, you aren’t truly healing or dealing with them – you are only preparing yourself for greater issues in the future! Learning how to heal emotional issues correctly is the only way to ensure you’re handling emotions in a way that serves to heal and self-nurture your tired inner self, mind, and spirit.

Facing emotions head-on can feel frightening, raw, and intimidating for many. To practice healing your emotions, begin with small baby steps by allowing yourself to actually feel and experience the emotion first.

Often, by having a chance to feel your emotion, you can begin processing and healing from it quicker. Next, acknowledge that your feelings and emotions are valid because having emotions is quite normal. Afterwards, give yourself permission to let go of the emotion.

If you need more help dealing with big emotions, join our Natural Bioenergetics Foundations class. We have teaches in several places and an online course. Just ask me and I will direct you to the next class.

Not ready to do a course yet, let me direct you to a local or online certified practitioner to help guide you through facing and letting go of the emotions that keep you stuck.

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