Disclaimer and Informed Consent

Natural Bioenergetics™ is an complementary health energy medicine practice that is aligned with the model of integrative and holistic healing. This model is based on self-responsibility and education. Only the individual can change his or her energy biofield. Energy medicine is a natural complementary adjunct to western medicine and other forms of therapies. Natural Bioenergetics’ energy medicine protocols may be used in distance interaction over Zoom or telephone or in person with client and specialist working together regardless of the meeting format.

The purpose of this disclosure is to explain to you what Natural Bioenergetics™ can do for you and what you can expect. Our belief about healing is that each of us is his or her own healer; that healing comes primarily from within. Natural Bioenergetics™ protocols can assist you in your own transformation and healing by doing various kinds of techniques, which will balance your energy and enhance your sense of well-being.

Natural Bioenergetics™ uses techniques that create energy/frequency shifting by the laying on of hands, or other tools, through the Natural Bioenergetics/Health Kinesiology (NB/HK) system working in the subtle bodies and photon information patterns that surrounds and interpenetrates the body. The work can be in person or by distance via video conferencing or telephone. Natural Bioenergetics specialists will be able to tell you where energy is blocked in your biofield and help you to release these blocks.

In working together as a student or a client, a Natural Bioenergetics specialist or instructor may discuss the major stressors in your life, your belief systems, health history, your childhood and other issues that have an influence on your emotional and physical well-being. Through muscle-monitoring and dowsing your body will reveal information regarding its needs in nutrition, life balance, current and past stresses and traumas and more. Our work together will assist you to deal with this information in the most appropriate way, release blockages in your biofield that hinder your progress, and strengthen your energy system.


These discussions will be kept confidential except:​

  1. if and to the extent authorized by yourself.
  2. as required for my professional supervision where your name remains anonymous, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the supervision.
  3. when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to yourself or others.
  4. as required by law.
  5. if I am a defendant in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the client relationship (in which case client confidences may only be disclosed in the course of that action).

At your written request or approval, and according to my capabilities, and good conscience, and professional judgment that I may consult with your other healers, therapists, physicians and spiritual teachers as appropriate to maximize the benefits to yourself.


A Natural Bioenergetics™ specialist or student is not a licensed physician and therefore does not diagnose disease or prescribe drugs. Natural Bioenergetics™ specialists do not treat or heal diseases or medical conditions. The work focuses on cleaning, strengthening, and repairing your energy system and biofield. When your energy system functions properly your body spontaneously heals itself of many conditions and symptoms.

Natural Bioenergetics™ students and specialists or professionals are commonly referred to as an Energy Medicine Therapist or a Natural Health Specialist. Natural Bioenergetics™ is a branch of alternative and complementary medicine that incorporates muscle monitoring so that information can be gathered and monitored from the client’s energy system. By using manual muscle-monitoring, radionic dowsing, and practiced intuition, the Natural Bioenergetics™ practitioner can determine what may be stressing the energy system and how to make corrections to it. Natural Bioenergetics™ specialists or professionals do not diagnose, directly treat or cure any disease or condition. However, it does work to restore the natural energy balance of the meridian system and personal biofield. In turn, this energy balance helps to improve the health condition of the body. Therefore, anyone with any condition can benefit from the application of these practices.

At all times your healing is your responsibility. Your specialist is available to be your partner in this process, your committed listener, and your mirror. Natural Bioenergetics™ specialists do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. Our work is intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you undertake, including allopathic medicine. Please feel free to discuss our work with your doctor or please let me know if you would like me to discuss any of our sessions with your doctor. This work does NOT replace the care of your physician. It is your responsibility to consult your physician about any medical problem or concern that you become aware of.

Required Release Form

Prior to working with a specialist, student, or instructor as a client or a student you will be required to sign an Acknowledgement and Release form that you agree that we may work with you in the above-described manner. We make no promises other than those outlined above. Many clients experience increased well-being and improvement in their condition. But we cannot promise you these things. Natural Bioenergetics™ is not aware of any risks associated with these treatments.

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