Natural Bioenergetics Foundations ONLINE with Linda


ONLINE with Linda

Early Bird Pricing until May 1, 202r4.

The science and art of muscle monitoring. Learn to listen to the wisdom of the body by monitoring how the muscles respond. Practice energy balancing to calm your mind and emotions.

Discover how to determine which foods your body reacts too, which supplements will serve you well. Master protocols for removing negative thoughts and emotions.




May 13, 15, 20, 22 2024

Early Bird Pricing until May 1, 2024.      7 PM Eastern/5 PM Mountain/4 PM Pacific

The Natural Bioenergetics Foundations Class will provide you with understanding and techniques to use energy balance and muscle monitoring (testing) accurately for your personal use.  Learn the science behind muscle monitoring and proper technique to balance the electromagnetic system of the body, understand the physiology and validity of properly conducted muscle monitoring ( also known as muscle testing), determine allergic responses to to foods and substances, learn to test yourself for which foods and supplements you should eat and how much, and how do some basic corrections to the energy system that include negating negative belief patterns.

Over four 3-hour classes, you will gain practical experience, understand the process to balance and test using meridian energies, and apply protocols to calm the mind and heart and shut of disruptive thoughts.

What will you learn?

Foundations of Natural Bioenergetics gives you practical tools you can use right away to improve your health and well-being. It puts you in charge of your own health so you aren’t forced to depend on experts that are hard to reach and cost you more than you can afford. Foundations sets the stage for learning the more advanced techniques that allow self-responsibility and confidence in addressing your own health issues and in preventing problems before they happen.

This course is designed to Re-energize your body’s power lines for greater health and a feeling of vitality Use fast and elegant techniques that drop stress out of your mind and body’s systems. Familiarity with the language and processes helps you relax and be comfortable with a natural therapy session.

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NB Foundations  is a stand alone course for those who want to learn to listen to their body’s wisdom and have accurate tools to confirm what is happening.  This class is a requisite for both the personal development classes (to be launched soon) and the professional track from those looking to become a Natural Bioenergetics Specialist and run a personal practice or add it to other modalities you are already qualified in.

Do you want to learn to listen to your body’s wisdom and have accurate tools to confirm what is happening?  Register now.

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