Whole Body Tune-up


We will focus on one organ each week. In 4 weeks we will explore the lungs, liver, brain, and heart. Learn how you can clean and support their function. When they work well you feel better, clearer, and happier. Join Linda for some energy corrections that will help you clean up your organs and support them through healthy foods, exercises, stress release, and more.


In just 4 weeks you can set in place practices to help clean up and maintain four of your major organs.  Follow along with Linda doing some energy medicine techniques to change the way your organ respond. Make some changes in your diet, lifestyle, stress management and more. Making small incremental changes reap big rewards. This is not a detox or diet. This is creating a sustainable lifestyle that supports your wellness and happiness.

Learn detox, energetic, and emotional strategies to clean and support your Liver, Lungs, heart and brain.