Our Programs

BioEnergetics Wellness programs and classes to suit your needs.

The Natural BioEnergetics™ Program

This is our feature program, starting with the Specialist professional designation and continuing into a full Diploma program. Alternatively, you are able to take many of the Program’s classes as continuing education. 

Specialist Program

2 semesters of 6 months, plus licensing and professionalization (semester 3) 

Diploma Program

6 more semesters, plus professional registration for designation

Personal Development

Non-licensed, non-professional options are being developed

More Programs

We offer two additional signature programs.  Check them out below! 

ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching

This groundbreaking and personalized program supports women in transforming their lives through mastery of the mind, the self, and emotional intelligence. 

Are you a woman that is ready to: 

Then you are in the right place!​

Autism Tutoring Program

Work with a certified Natural Bioenergtics Specialist autism tutoring and support. We offer individual and group sessions and work with:  

We are experienced with a wide variety of challenges including developmental delays, autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, TBI,  social/behavioral challenges, and mental health challenges.

Enrollment Hotline:

+1 (587) 747-3795

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