Our Programs

BioEnergetics Wellness programs and classes to suit your needs.

The Natural BioEnergetics™ Program

This is our feature program, starting with the Specialist professional designation and continuing into a full Diploma program. Alternatively, you are able to take many of the Program’s classes as continuing education. 

Specialist Program

2 semesters of 6 months, plus licensing and professionalization (semester 3) 

Diploma Program

6 more semesters, plus professional registration for designation

Personal Development

Non-licensed, non-professional options are being developed

More Programs

We offer two additional signature programs.  Check them out below! 

Autism Tutoring Program

Work with a certified Natural Bioenergtics Specialist autism tutoring and support. We offer individual and group sessions and work with:  

We are experienced with a wide variety of challenges including developmental delays, autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, TBI,  social/behavioral challenges, and mental health challenges.

Enrollment Hotline:

+1 (587) 747-3795

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