Autism Program

Autism Program

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Autism Tutoring Program

Are you autistic, or are you caring for, supporting or working with an autistic person? Consider working with a certified Natural Bioenergtics Specialist to develop functional skills including social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills – for yourself or someone in your charge. 

Here at the Natural BioEnergetics Institute, we have experienced Specialists who work with children, teens and adults, with a wide variety of challenges including:

We provide...

individual and group sessions that use all aspects of holistic health to provide solid training and strategies as well as techniques for the student to use at home to keep the body and mind coordinated and healthy. This program is a series of classes (may be provided as 1:1 tutoring) focused on teaching practical skills to manage and calm the person’s energy. These are physically based techniques they can apply anywhere anytime to help calm or orient themselves. Each one only takes a few minutes and helps the person gain control of themselves, their thinking, emotions, and balance. Each class will have a skill for them to practice at home. During the class the instructor will also provide advanced work around that skill with the student for faster progress. 

Goals include...

building functional skills including social, emotional, speech and communication, motor and cognitive skills and building emotional control skills including learning calming, focus, and memory skills.

How We Help

Through 1:1 and group sessions we use bioenergy techniques designed to reduce fear and fight/flight reactions to build social skills and learn how to form and manage relationships. These include skills of greetings, taking turns, eye contact, sharing, compromising, making mistakes, asking to play, starting and maintaining a conversation, volume of speech, emotional regulation, labeling feelings & more.

Through specially designed activities we focus on building and reinforcing specific speech, language and communication skills. It removes the anxiety and dysfunctional subconscious patterns to build fluency, language retrieval, articulation and conversational skills.

Natural Bioenergetics offers many opportunities to develop awareness of feelings, to express feelings non-verbally and to learn tools for self-regulation of feelings. Active engagement in practice sessions can help express and learn strategies to manage challenging feelings.

Learning requires coordination of many parts of the brain. Participation in Natural Bioenergetic protocols can help increase focus and attention skills. We build momentum for success with small increases in focus and attention and build from there.

Natural Bioenergetics can help retrieve memories when managing brain dysfunction and can help develop memory development neural pathways when dealing with developmental delays or brain injury.

Movement and exercise of the motor pathways in conjunction with meridian work and bioenergy strengthening can help build fine and gross motor skills. Using brain calming techniques and exercises designed to strengthen the body’s energy system allows for greater coordination and coherence in movement.

Natural Bioenergetics is a holistic process integrating reflexes, meridian pathways, emotions, and brain processing. It provides physical, mental and emotional activity that keeps us moving and learning how to regulate our feelings and physical state. It is our philosophy that everyone should engage in some form of energy training on a regular basis for health and wellness as well as for managing challenges and building skills.

We offer Individual and group Natural BioEnergetic bioenergy training for children, teens and adults.


Most of our programs are delivered online via Zoom video conferencing. On-site programs are available in NY, NC, and other locations where a Specialist is assigned. Autism program instructors are available in some parts of Canada and the UK.

Call our enrollment advisor to find your closest instructor. 

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Autism Program

Natural BioEnergetic bioenergy training helps children, teens and adults

12-month Autism Program

NB “Self Care” lessons for students with Autism

This is a twelve-month plan, divided in six modules. Each module is two months and is based on TCM theory of the seasons of the year and its elements. The program teaches how to use the NB tools and techniques to help bring balance, health and better focus in one’s life.

The models can be started at any point in the year. The student will begin the corresponding model to the month they register for the program.

Module 1 - "Metal"

Metal represents the Large Intestine and Lung with the emotion Grief

Months taught:
Module 2- “Water”

Water represents the Bladder and Kidney, with the emotion Fear

Months taught:
Module 3 – “Air/Wind”

Air/Wind represents the Governing Vessel and Central Vessel, with the emotions distrust and overwhelm

Months taught:
Module 4 – “Wood”

Wood represents the Lung and Large Intestine, with the emotion Grief

Months taught:
Module 5 – “Fire”

Fire represents Hormone and Heart, with the emotions Rage/Joy

Months taught:
Module 6 – “Earth”

Earth represents the Stomach and Spleen, with the emotions of Worry/Overthinking

Months taught:

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