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Program Overview

Natural BioEnergetics Institute (NBI) is the worldwide home for professional Natural BioEnergetics training. We provide training, support, community, tools, and more for those in the Natural BioEnergetics community.

The Natural BioEnergetics™ Program

Our Programs are designed to prepare professionals looking to build a business helping others ( and themselves) be their best, find their inner strength and resilience, and transform their lives into what they want to be. We use an apprentice model of training. We follow a self-responsibility approach where the professional is responsible for their learning and practice while the client is responsible for their own healing and change. It is a journey of wholeness for the specialist as you must first deal with your own dysfunction and incongruence in order to effectively create the energy patterns needed for the work.

Our program is split into Specialist and Diploma programs. 

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The Journey Starts Here

Specialist Program

(curriculum)  -2 semesters of 6 months plus licensing and professionalization

These two semesters begin the professional training program. Semester 1 gives you basic energy first aid and knowledge to care for yourself when life throws its bumps and curves at you. Semester 2* begins the in depth training towards licensure as a Specialist and being ready to build your own practice.

The benefits of NB Licensing program are on many levels. As a licensed Specialist, you: 

Professional training semester 3 follows the licensing process and is made up of the Auxiliary professionalization courses, many of which can be transferred in from previous studies.

The licensing preparation is a period of 3-4 months, following the Professional Preparation 1 and 2 courses, that is used to:

complete the Practicum, prepare your portfolio for presentation, and review all the classes for your Assessment Day. 

The Assessment Day is your practical exam and includes both in person and distance work observed by mentors and/or a Verifier. You have an oral exam and will present your portfolio leading to your approval as a Licensed Natural BioEnergetics Specialist.

Obtain your "Professional" Title

To prepare for the Professional title you will need to complete semester 3, 4, and 5.

Semester 3 includes Anatomy & Physiology, nutrition, practice building, ethics, and communications. Some of these courses may be accepted as transfer credits where they have been completed at another institution. These classes may be completed as you build your practice. These requirements vary slightly depending on the country you are in.

We follow a self-responsibility approach where the professional is responsible for their learning and practice while the client is responsible for their own healing and change.

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Diploma Program

(curriculum) 6 more semesters plus professional registration for designation

After successful completion of the Assessment Day and Axillary classes, continued study through Professional training 4 and 5, leads to Professional status. There is a strong theory component, as well as a broad approach to biofield science.

Professional Training 4 covers NB 7-9, while Professional Training 5 includes Geobiology, Intrusive Energies, and NB 10.

We encourage all students intending to run a full-time practice to complete Semesters 4 and 5 within 4 years of licensing. The licensing is an initial approval. Upon completion of Semesters 4 and 5 you may use the title Professional.

These are two auxiliary study areas required to meet the licensing requirements for use of the registered designation. Semester 6 completes the studies for the Environmental class series and semesters 7-8 cover the classes for the Fascia class series. 

There are a number of specialty classes that can be chosen from the approved electives including Advance A&P, Body Bioenergetics,  Brain Gym, Herbology, Aromatherapy and other complementary courses. Completion of the 8 semesters leads to a diploma in Natural Health Studies from the Natural Bioenergetics Institute (provincial Alberta Vocational College  registration pending). Once the provincial approval has been completed graduates may apply for the government approved designation of Natural Health Practitioner under the Natural Health Governing Board in Canada. The program meets the requirements for similar designations in some other countries. 

Semesters 5-8 may be completed in alternate orders when circumstances permit. The Elective courses must be approved by the NBI office.

The Fine Print

Student Expectations and Commitment

As part of your training, and following each intensive # 1-6, you will be required to:

On average you will spend approximately 5 hours a week between the intensives to complete the work. 

We hope you will join our team of dedicated Specialists and that you find, as we do, that NB is an exciting therapy that has limitless possibilities and is tailored to each person’s unique needs.

Cost and (How To) Registration

The Specialist Program (part 1 of the training) takes approximately 18 months to complete.

Please contact an enrollment advisor to discuss fees in the country of choice. Fees vary slightly depending on the country and legal requirements. Fees may also vary depending on transfer credits you may have. 

The fees include all the manuals and the basic took kits. There are a couple of textbooks you will need to acquire but they serve for multiple classes.

By getting tools at each level, you will be able to complete the practices appropriately. By the time you finish level 6 and are ready to practice full time you have everything you need to start an office. Some optional extra kit is available at each level.  You can choose how much you spend on the optional kits.

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FAQs !

Have Questions?

Our teachers. Every one of our instructors brings her own style and personality to her classes. We all want you to succeed in NB and are here to help. Every single teacher also works professionally and has real life experiences and guidance to share with you. Meet our teachers here.

Our students. Although you may be transitioning into natural bioenergetics from a related health and wellness field, this isn’t required. NB is a wonderful discipline for beginners looking for a most satisfying and rewarding career.

Our global presence and online community. We offer our classes and programs in multiple countries and languages. We are continually expanding our reach and growing our community. 

Our main NB program is currently offered in: 

  • Canada / USA in English
  • Germany in German
  • UK in English
  • Belgium, France and Quebec in French

If you have a different requirement, be sure to contact us

You’re in luck! In addition to our professional track program, we offer a Personal Development option where you are able to take standalone classes. NBI is a great place for self-development and continuing education. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. 

In addition to our accredited NB Program We have one unique program, with ongoing enrollment:

  1. Autism Tutoring Program: 1:1 sessions and a 12-month group program offered to children, teenagers and adults
Enrollment Hotline:

+1 (587) 747-3795