Personal Development

Personal Development

Learn the magic of Natural BioEnergetics at your own pace

Program Overview

Natural BioEnergetics Institute (NBI) is the worldwide home for Natural BioEnergetics training. Non-licensed, non-professional options are being developed. 

Personal Development & Continuing Education Classes

Not ready to take the plunge to becoming a professional and running a business as a health entrepreneur, but you want to learn to take care of yourself and your family? You might want to help others as a hobby or ministry? 

This is the program for learning the basics and being able to heal yourself from the traumas and difficult experiences in your life. With a focus on self care, learn about the biofield, how to use the meridians and bioenergy circuits in the body to change the subconscious patterns that hold you back. Explore how to change your mindset, your fears, and your aches and pains. This program does not address medical issues. It is focused on bioenergetic first aid and developing emotional and energetic resilience and tools for facing your daily life.

This program does not lead to licensing or certification, yet can be used to add a little Natural Bioenergetic wisdom to other body work or spiritual work you already do with others. You will not become a Natural Bioenergetics Specialist or Professional but you can integrate some of the work into your existing disciplines or use it for yourself and your family. The program is for those who will not be charging for their services when doing NB or will be integrating aspects into another discipline for which you are authorized to charge.

The Basic Biofield Training is three (3) hands-on classes of 16 hours, each one typically taught over a weekend. Intermediate Biofield Training is another three (3) classes of 16 hours. There is some reading and practice to be done between classes. These classes may be done through live zoom training. To assist you we make available tools such as programmed stones aids to ensure you are getting the right energies.

You have the ultimate responsibility for your own health.

Expand your knowledge & skillset

Community Services

The Natural BioEnergetics Institute also serves the broader community of those who are looking for a healthy balanced lifestyle. We know how hard it can be to find tools, classes and coaching that is in line with a bioenergetic approach to life. We have selected the best from our community to share with you here. 

Living Life Naturally Courses​

We are creating a library of self-help videos, introductory classes and lots of ways to enhance your own journey. For example, you can learn how to make your own soap, take a “Hack Your Stress” class,  and more. Check back soon to see more fun classes coming your way. 

Tools for Healers​

Natural Bioenergetics uses programmed stones, tools, and devices to assist you in your journey and make life a little less difficult. Check out the Life Transformers, Pyramids, Normalizing Function stones, and more here. Stay tuned for more info.