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ReClaim Your Life

Program Overview

Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is a ground-breaking group program that supports women in transforming  the mind and emotions so you can maximize results in your life. Begin with a fresh start. Create deep satisfaction and richness in your life. Experience living with purpose and meaning. Start with 12 weeks and stay until you are happily secure in your new life.

We serve women who are disappointed that “having it all” hasn’t happened, causing guilt and shame over relationship failures. Are you unhappy in your personal life in spite of a successful work life? Searching for  significance and meaning while feeling lost and resentful that you have built everybody’s dreams yet you are wondering “what is left for me now”? If you feel you are living a facade that looks great on the outside but is empty inside, you are in the right place.  

Where did I lose myself along the way? The truth is you can regain your zest for life, rediscover your own goals, desires and create a life that revitalizes you and your relationships. Women who work with me gain the strength, wisdom and structure to to love their life, have rich relationships, and a sense of worth and personal value. Allow yourself to experience deep satisfaction in your life.

Let me get straight to the bottom line. ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching participants receive empowering mentorship from expert coaches and trainers in the field of holistic health, transformation and personal development… and access to the Natural Bioenergetics team to support you through growing pains and breakthroughs.

ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is an intense work-on-yourself program that changes you from the inside out. It is time to re-invent yourself!

This program is not going to give you a temporary band-aid to cover issues you have around your self-esteem, confidence, relationship to self or others, or your life purpose. You have already tried those and they didn’t work. This is an intense work-on-yourself program that changes you from the inside out.

ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching helps you uncover the roots of unhappiness or frustration in your life. We don’t focus on symptoms. Symptoms will continue to show up over and over until you begin to heal the core cause of the issue.

When you understand the ROOT of your overwhelming stress, poor health, or frustrating relationships, then you can shift the entire direction of your life and call in exactly what you truly desire – and show up as the woman you want to be.

We guarentee you can:

  1. Live life on your terms instead of someone else’s agenda
  1. Gain confidence in yourself, control your emotions, and neutralize old
    triggers through changing the stressed responses that lead to
    inappropriate reactions.
  1. Remove the layers of grief, trauma, guilt, fear, and shame to find and
    operate from the wisdom gained from your life experiences.

By doing this program, you will save yourself a ton of time, money, energy, and heartache. If you do the work, you will quickly see a significant difference in your life. ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching puts you on the fast track to seeing results! 

Join this life-changing program

Invest in yourself and transform yourself with a community of like-minded ladies. 

What Am I Going To Get?

ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is a Group application of the Natural Bioenergetics principles and processes that have transformed lives around the world for 40+ years. You will get the best of both personal attention, small group work, developing Life Balance habits and more, all organized in a way to get you maximum results that last. You will journey with women who are all seeking transformation as you are. You will become friends and supporters of each other. In 24 weeks you will be a better version of you.

We give you proven, easy to do tools to reconnect with your inner self, to feel amazing in your own skin, be confident in who you are, and love yourself no matter what.

The ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching curriculum is carefully designed, with each new teaching building upon the last so that you learn new skills and strategies that are reinforced at every level of the program.


Program Benefits

In ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching you will…
  1. Learn to stop sabotaging your efforts to have the happiness and well being you seek.
  2. Experience specific stress reducing techniques that will help you heal past traumas or life experiences so that you can live in peace.
Natural Bioenergetics Careers
  • Stop using vices (food, alcohol, shopping, social media, etc) to numb out, check out or escape and learn to be present in your life and with the people around you.
  • Master energy medicine techniques to connect with yourself on a deeper level, inviting joy into your everyday life.
  • Develop a holistic approach to living that feels simple and manageable, and that will actually improve the quality of your life for years to come.
  • Learn to appreciate your body and how to love yourself no matter what.
  • Age with grace as you naturally take years off of your image by getting into the best health you have ever been in.
  • Develop habits of proven strategies to help you stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, even with a hectic schedule.
  • Get ongoing support from a community of supportive women that are going through a life transformation, resulting in a tight bond and deep friendships that last lifetimes.


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This Program is Different.

What If This Turns Out To Be Just Like Every Other Program?

This program is about you doing and being your best. If you do the work, the program works! The reason we created ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is because it WORKED for us. The NB Institute team and literally thousands of clients have completely transformed their lives. It worked for me, the director, and each of our instructors and for hundreds of other women we have supported.

There is nothing about this program that is temporary. We don’t teach you a quick fix… this is a life changing process that you can come back to time and time again, helping you to navigate through life’s challenges for years to come.

Our goal is to give you the most effective information, energy work processes, tools and technologies along with expert guidance to support you in maintaining a state of optimal health on all levels, (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. 

Sustainable transformation is crucial, because no matter how good things get, we will always find ourselves facing adversity at different points in our lives. Unfortunately, that is when a lot of women quit on their goals because they don’t have the skills, rituals, habits, and relationships to sustain themselves. You get all of these in this program.

Natural BioEnergetics Program at NBI

In this program, you will learn how to understand yourself on an intimate level, so that you can continue to apply what you learn no matter the situation so that you can always course correct to get yourself back on track.

We take all the guesswork out of it for you, so you can easily claim back FREEDOM in your body, mind, and spirit. Using basic muscle monitoring, you gain the ability to observe yourself.

You will never again have to spend your resources on programs that don’t work, be confused as to why you can’t get “control” of your feelings, or be overwhelmed with questions on what should be your next step.

ReClaim Your Life Mastery Coaching provides you with the answers to make you feel confident in regards to who you are as a woman, how you show up in the world, and what you want your life to look like.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, women interested in joining Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching can talk to our Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching Advisors by messaging us on the FB group ReClaim Your Life. Our community is a safe place for women committed to transformation, and we take very seriously who we invite into the group. Book your free consult to discuss your transformation with us. 

Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is only for women who are truly committed to rolling up their sleeves and doing the work, with the proper strategies, mentorship and community around them.

We understand that Covid has affected many women so we are offering a discounted weekly price of $99 USD/week for a 24 week commitment. A minimum 12 week commitment is required.  The shorter commitment of 12 weeks is $119 USD per week. We use a standard PAD direct debit so you can get it set up and forget about it. You can cancel anytime after your initial commitment is complete. The 24 weeks is the recommended time for really dealing with the deep issues that keep you stuck. 

Yes. For clients who want even deeper support, we offer a VIP option, where you can receive additional 1:1 energy work sessions with your personal instructor.

This type of 1:1 support will exponentially increase your results. So if you’re looking to accelerate the results you get in Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching, message us via the ReClaim Your Life FB group to book a call with our Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching Advisor to find out more.

If not now, then when?… Quite often when someone says it’s not the right time, they’re using it as an excuse not to take action because they feel more safe staying inside their comfort zone.

So I’d like you to ask yourself, ‘What happens if I choose not to do Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching? Where will I be one year from now?’

If you don’t get the support you need now, chances are in 12 months, you will be in the exact same place you are now.

Transform your life FOREVER by changing your relationship to yourself, mastering your mind chatter & practicing emotional mastery

Linda's Story

Photo of Linda Easthouse
Can You Really Transform Your Life FOREVER By Changing Your Relationship To Yourself, Mastering Your Mind chatter & Practicing Emotional Mastery?


How do I know? I’ve been there.

Life felt hard, really hard. I felt as if I was at my rope’s end and really didn’t understand how it could ever get better.

I felt broken on so many levels.
I tried everything to figure out how to get unstuck. Did I pick up parasites from traveling? Maybe I had intense food sensitivities? Why didn’t I never feel good?

I tried it all… I went to eastern and western health practitioners, I drank teas, I got acupuncture, chiropractic work, I meditated, did my yoga, tried over the counter remedies… nothing felt as if it was really getting to the root of the problem.

In the end it came down to loving and accepting myself completely, shifting my mind chatter, learning a level of emotional mastery I had never had before, and mastering intuitive eating. I married these things with the science of cutting-edge energy work, nutrition, detoxing, and Life Balance and KABOOM! I was a new me!

I Have Studied It All & This Makes Sense for me...

Believe me, when we put information out into the world, we do not take it lightly. I need to really believe in it to put the Institute’s name on it. I have studied all over the world with many different professionals and what we share with you has an internationally proven track record.

You are in complete control of what your life, body, and health looks like. You get to choose by saying YES! to a different approach. You choose to show up and do the work or it will never happen.

It is always a choice.

Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is the accumulation of all the information that actually works…. to help you accelerate your process to achieve what you really want with your health, happiness and life.

It is the exact blueprint of what I wish someone had handed to me when I was desperate for help. It would have saved me so much time, money, and heartache to be given the tools and strategies that were already proven and I didn’t have to try to reinvent the wheel… or sift through mountains of information to find what was even legit.

My goal is to help you get the relationship with yourself that you really want. You deserve it.

Director, Natural BioEnergetics Institute

Linda Easthouse

Cheryl's Story

Cheryl Hannah
When your life crashes, is it possible to recover? Change is difficult, but a guiding hand combined with the elegant techniques of energy balancing makes the process much faster and easier. 


How do I know? I’ve been there too.

It couldn’t get much worse.  There I was, with a 5 month old baby, and 9 of my 12 children at home while I was in the hospital with a mild heart attack.  The stress of living with an abusive man,  being involved with an equally domineering and abusive church cult,  homeschooling and managing a large family, cooking, cleaning, and gardening caused my crash.  I didn’t think I had the right to say “NO” to busted boundaries, ill treatment and literally working myself to death.

Ten months later, the children were in school, my marriage ended over the course of a weekend, and I was excommunicated from my cult all in the space of five weeks.  All the reference points I had used to define myself as a person blew up in a few short weeks.  

That began the long, slow process of discovering who I really was, what I really believed about life, people, and who God is, and what I wanted to do to help myself and my children survive the disaster that had been created.

At the time, it was the worst possible thing that could have happened to me.  I was no longer a wife, no longer a full time stay-at-home mother or homeschooler, no longer a Christian in the eyes of my church family and I was cut off from outside community.  

I had a bad case of arrested development. Married at 19, my husband took over all control of the finances, bill paying, etc.  The skills I should have learned as a young adult woman were delayed until I was a divorced middle-aged mom of many. 

But wait. It gets better…

Looking back, I now know that the greatest disaster was really the greatest deliverance!  

All the help you will get from Reclaim Your Life Coaching is not just theory!  Change is difficult at the best of times, but a guiding hand from someone who has been there combined with the elegant techniques of energy balancing makes the process much faster and easier. 

Your past doesn’t need to set the tone for your future. My negative experiences became valuable lessons for doing better..  It IS possible to redefine and reinvent yourself into the person you were always meant to be. If I can do it,  you can too.  

Coach and Instructor, Natural BioEnergetics Institute

Cheryl Hannah

The Fine Print

Disclaimer & Legalities

This program is for the sole purpose of education. It is a source of information and is never intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice. Never use any information from the program to diagnose yourself or anyone else of any type of medical condition or prescription of any supplementation or medication. It is your responsibility to always be in contact with your physician for any health concerns that you have. You are solely responsible for all actions and decisions you make in regards to your health and can never hold Natural Bioenergetics Institute, Natural Bioenergetics Global, Easthouse Health or Linda Easthouse, or any of our Natural Bioenergetics team members liable for any of your decisions or actions. We never consider ourselves to be your doctor or that this is a doctor-patient relationship that you should rely on.

All information in this program is the property of Natural Bioenergetics Institute, NB Global, our partners, or affiliates. All intellectual property is protected and is only for your non-commercial use. No material from the program or any other materials, such as but not limited to videos, newsletters, and emails, can be reproduced, copied, modified, or re-used without our consent.

There is no information contained in any of our material, including but not limited to on our school site, in videos, newsletters and emails that can take the place of professional medical or psychological advice. You should always consult your physician in anything relating to your mental, emotional, or physical health. We give no advice and do not represent anything concerning treatment or application of supplementation or medication, or any other treatment. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from your decisions and actions, including but not limited to illness, loss of life, injury, or economic loss.

You are always responsible for all choices you make and actions you take. If a dispute is ever to take place, all legal jurisdiction must be conducted in the province and city that the Natural BioEnergetics Institute resides. By being in our program, listening and watching our videos, reading our newsletters and emails, and doing anything else that is related to any of our material, you agree not to hold us liable for any actions or decisions you make, or results you get, under any circumstance.

ReClaim Your Life Mastery

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