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Advanced professional training in BioEnergetics Wellness

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Meet the Teachers

Our Teachers come from Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, Belgium, and Israel. Each one has a broad background in natural health and energy medicine and has a successful full-time practice as well. They are experts in the material and highly experienced in the practice of this discipline. 

Our teaching approach is more of an apprenticeship. We teach a little theory, demonstrate how to do the protocol, and then break into practice groups and apply it right in class. Our teachers are there to mentor you as you learn.

Photo of Linda Easthouse
Linda Orr Easthouse

NBI Director & Instructor

Cheryl Hannah Nicholson

NBI Instructor

Photo of Franky Kossy
Franky Kossy

NBI Instructor

Photo of Eva-Maria Willner, NBI instructor located in Germany
Eva-Maria Willner

NBI Instructor

Photo of Ulrike Walter, NBI Instructor
Ulrike Walter

NBI Instructor


NBI Instructor

Photo of Judy Friedman, NBI Instructor
Judy Friedman

NBI Instructor

Photo of Thibaud, Teacher at NBI
Thibaud d’Oultremont

NBI Instructor

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