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Advanced professional training in BioEnergetics Wellness

Take a look at our recommended videos and videos created by our team members. 

Table of Contents

What is Natural Bioenergetics (NB)

What is NB (known as HK in Europe)

What can NB do for you?

Goal balancing in NB

Linda’s story canbewell

How it works

What is NB (known as HK in Europe)

Body Bioenergetics Story Alma

Do-It-Yourself Stress Busters

Energy Toning Movements

Degaussing (demagnitizing)

Meridian Tracing

Balancing Thymus Tap

Franky Kossy

Synergy Tap

Emotional Stress Release

Belief System Elimination

Shelagh Cumming

Balancing Thymus Tap

Emotional Stress Release

Linda Easthouse

Hidden Stresses

Krystaline Tools: Neutralization Rings

BioEnergy System Wakeups

Radionics Interview with Dr. Mary Elizabeth

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