Judy Friedman

Judy Friedman

Teacher, NBI
Located in Monsey, New York, U.S.A.

Photo of Judy Friedman, NBI Instructor

Judy Friedman is an NB certified specialist and authorized instructor. With over two decades’ experience, she loves serving the Monsey, New York community. The clients that she treated as eight-year olds now bring their own eight-year olds for sessions. What started out as a practice for young families evolved into a huge business of having a large clientele of mature families and their friends.

Judy's Classes

Judy now trains new students to help fill the need of the Monsey community. “It’s impossible for me to do this by myself,” she says. “NB is so popular here. People love it. They feel it’s the most fun way to heal.”

Judy's Teaching Style

Judy has a passion for studying and learning; she mastered many different modalities, which she brings into her practice. As an LMT, she enjoys incorporating some body work like CST, SER, Reiki and Shiatsu into her sessions. “It’s a beautiful way to end the session,” She comments. “Yet my clients always want the NB. It gives them so much clarity about themselves and helps them overcome their obstacles and find their inner resources.”

Contact Judy at: sessionswithyitty@gmail.com

Judy Friedman is an amazing, beloved teacher filled with radiant light. Her wisdom just overflows with knowledge in so many Holistic Healing Modalities. The energy and atmosphere in the classroom is truly magical. Her teaching has impacted my life tremendously! I am so fortunate to be able to be her student. She is a true gift to everyone in the classroom! Thank you from all of us students! With Appreciation