Thibaud d’Oultremont

Thibaud d’Oultremont, Ph.D.

Teacher at NBI
Located in Worthington, MA, USA

Photo of Thibaud, Teacher at NBI

Thibaud is originally from Belgium. He is married and is a US and Belgian citizen. Thibaud has a Ph.D. in Biology. He also earned a master in philosophy and a master in theology, with specialization in ethics. He discovered HK (NB) in 2008 and started studying it soon thereafter, hooked, fascinated by what he experienced and saw, and amazed by its underlying methodology and science. He practiced NB in California since 2012, then moved to Massachusetts where he is still practicing. His relationship with the founder of NB, Dr. Jimmy Scott, made him understand the deep scientific dimensions of NB. His clarity of concepts in biology helps his clients get fast and lasting result. He likes to teach energetic biology in cells, metabolic issues, hormones, etc. He also seems to attract, in his practice, people with deep questioning that are stressing his clients. He is also involved with people having psychological/psychiatric issue. He is working in coordination with medical professionals and with families when need be.

Professionally, when not doing NB or teaching, Thibaud is a spiritual director as well. He also founded Bioenergy Assist (, a company that makes bioenergy tablets/pills containing BioEnergies (Natural Vibrations) of Enzymes or Natural Medicinal Plants, both for Medical Doctors and the General Public.

Thibaud's Classes

Thibaud teaches NB Ethics and Energy Anatomy & Physiology. 

Thibaud's Teaching Style

Practicing NB is a privilege linked with important responsibilities.

Thibaud would like to bring clarity of concepts, coherence and simplicity to his students in his teaching in ethics. He would love to see his students get clarity about their own morality and their moral authority, and to see them be comfortable with NB ethics, seeing where it challenges them and how they can navigate some ethical dilemmas.

He would like to bring the precision of the scientific method in the Energy A&P classes. He would like to make students comfortable in using Energy A&P so that they can use it more and more automatically, naturally and easily.